Caroline Korutaro

Caroline Korutaro

Ag. Senior Petroleum Engineer

Directorate of Petroleum, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Uganda

Caroline Korutaro is an Acting Senior Petroleum Engineer in the Petroleum Exploration, Development and Production Department, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Uganda. She has over 10yrs of experience in the Oil & Gas Sector with a bias to Reservoir Engineering but has worked on the whole range of Petroleum Engineering & Environmental Engineering projects during the Exploration phase in the Albertine Graben. She has a BSc. Chemical & Process Engineering (University of Dar es Salaam), an MSc. Environmental & Energy Engineering (Sheffield University) and an MSc. Petroleum Engineering (Heriot Watt University).



SESSION 31:  Data Analysis for Reservoir Management – Case Study of North Fields in the Albertine Graben

Caroline Korutaro, Catherine Amusugut, & Tonny Ddungu

Reservoir Management requires knowledge of a reservoir which is ideally obtained through an integrated data acquisition and analysis program. It starts from the development plan, implementation of the plan, monitoring and evaluation of the reservoir’s performance. Data analysis program was reviewed as it needs effort, scrutiny and innovation. The key steps considered were data planning and organization, data collection and analysis and data integration and storage. This approach to address a framework of optimizing the data analysis process was applied to five reservoirs in the Albertine Graben.

Reservoir management is an on-going, dynamic process of collecting, analyzing, validating and integrating reservoir description data and performance data into an optimal reservoir development and depletion plan. The aim of this study was to clarify the overall view of data planning in relations to reservoir performance in view of facilitating decision making for development plans.

Data reviewed included available seismic, geological and engineering data, specifically petrophysical, core and well data was of great interest. The data analysis approach provided an insight of the gaps that needed to be closed for better reservoir management. Also the integrated data analysis approach provided more technical understanding of the reservoirs studied.