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There are more than a hundred hotels in Burundi, half of which are located in Bujumbura. Choices range from international standard hotels to average size hotels offering good quality services.

Throughout Burundi there are other types of accommodations with favorable terms for longer stays including guest houses, motels and furnished apartments. Modern day Burundi still maintains a strong sense of its past European colonial savoir-faire.


Cuisine in Burundi ranges from more traditional to international and varies according to location. 

In Bujumbura, the urban capital, visitors can find an array of choice from Belgium, France, Greece and Italy as well as many other regions of the world. There are also many good quality restaurants where guests can savor traditional Burundian cuisine. Numerous hotels have good restaurants with an international cuisine.

Up-country, in the more rural parts of Burundi, cuisine varies according to the area’s specialties and its agricultural products.


Burundi is open to the rest of the partner states of East African Community (EAC). It is easy to get there by bus.
Here are some buses operating in the region from Burundi:
  • Taqwa Coach Bus: Bujumbura - Dar-es-Salam - Lusaka - Lilongwe - Lubumbashi - Harare; daily operation except Tuesday and Thursday; Tel:+257 79232323
  • Burugo Travel: Bujumbura - Kigoma; daily operation; Tel:+257 79949028
  • Jaguar: Bujumbura - Kampala; daily operation; Tel: +257 79110873/79800230
  • Yahoo: Bujumbura - Kigali; daily operation except the 1st of January; Tel : 222243161/ +257 79925397
  • African Tours: Bujumbura - Kigali; daily operation; Tel: 71360125
  • East African Car: Bujumbura - Kigali; daily operation; Tel: +257 79423286
  • Volcano Express: Bujumbura - Kigali from Monday up to Sunday from 7.00 am up to 1.00 pm except Saturday where the schedule changes. No departure at 8, 9, 10.00 am because of the community activities.

From Burundi, you can also travel by bus to the East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC):
  • Kirenge Express: Bujumbura - Uvira - Bukavu; Tel: +257 79900085
  • Agence La Gloire: Bujumbura - Uvira - Bukavu; Tel: +257 79040150
  • Grand-Lac: Bujumbura - Uvira - Bukavu; Tel: +257 79930508
  • Force Tranquille: Bujumbura - Bukavu; Tel: +257 78055921
  • Arc-En-Ciel: Bujumbura - Uvira - Bukavu;  Tel:+257 7971048606


Banking is easy in Burundi! Your ATM card will work at many of our eight main commercial banks. Business is transacted mainly in cash, but many hotels and restaurants will accept VISA, Mastercard, US dollars and Euros. There are also several Forex Bureaus where you can exchange your money for local Burundian Francs.
Below is a list of the commercial banks and Exchange Bureaus in Burundi:
  • Banque Commerciale du Burundi (Burundi Commercial Bank) (BANCOBU)
  • Access Bank dba Finbank S.A.
  • Banque de Gestion et de Financement (BGF)
  • Banque Burundaise pour le Commerce et l'Investissement (Burundi Bank of Commerce and Investment) (BBCI)
  • Bank of Africa Burundi - Operating as Banque de Credit de Bujumbura (Bujumbura Bank of Credit)(BCB)
  • CRDB Bank Burundi
  • Diamond Trust Bank
  • Ecobank
  • Interbank Burundi (IBB)
  • Kenya Commercial Bank


French and Kirundi are the official languages of Burundi. Swahili is also spoken, especially in rural areas.


The Burundian franc (BIF) is the official currency of Burundi. Notes come in a wide range of denominations, from BIF 5,000 down to BIF 10. Credit cards are also accepted in many hotels. Similarly, there are many ATMs in the country.  You may exchange currency through the main banks in Bujumbura, as well as registered Forex Bureau de Change within the city.


GMT + 2:00 hours.


220 volts is standard voltage throughout the country. Plugs have round prongs.


Burundi’s country code is +257 and phone service is reliable.
Wireless internet is available in many hotels and restaurants like Café Aroma (Blvd de l’Uprona, Bujumbura).


Travelers may import up to 1000 cigarettes or 1 kg of tobacco as well as 1 L of alcoholic beverages and a reasonable amount of perfume into without incurring a customs tax.