Burundi Exploration Blocks - Pre Conference Excursion

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Day 1:  04 June 2017

The delegates will depart at 09.00 am from Bujumbura to the hydrothermal water of Ruhwa in Cibitoke Province. The distance from Bujumbura to that site is 67 Km. At the site the delegates will view the three hot springs whose water can reach 60 to 70 ° C in temperature. The geological environment consists of volcano-sedimentary rocks.
On the way back from Ruhwa, delegates will visit the Rusizi Park which is located 13 km from Bujumbura City. In this park there are animal species  (crocodile,  hippopotamus,  fish  and  birds)  and plants. This site is close to the mouth (outlet) of the Tanganyika Lake. The delegates will spend the night in the Bujumbura Town.

Day 2:  05 June 2017

Delegates will continue the Excursion by visiting the blocks exploration sites of petroleum products in Burundi: Block A in Rusizi Area and block B, C, D along and in the Lake Tanganyika. On the way, they will visit Stanley and Livingston Stone  located  at  12 Km  from  Bujumbura  and  view  the spring water of Mugara at 45 km. Then they will arrive at Tanganyika Imperial resort which is a beautiful beach hotel complex built on a granite- gneiss of the Proterozoic. After Saga Beach, Exploration sites of  petroleum products in Burundi.

Fee:  US$ 350

This will cover transport, meals and accommodation.

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Christian Nititanga
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Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism
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