Tanzania Southern Circuit - Post Conference Excursion

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Day 1: 11 June 2017


The delegates will depart from Bujumbura International Airport to Mwalimu Julius Nyerere International Airport (Dar es Salaam) and spend a night at Holliday Inn, Dar es Salaam.

On the 12th March, 2017 delegates will pay a visit to Kinyerezi and view the TPDC Natural Gas receiving and distribution station and proceed to Kilwa Masoko. On the way to Kilwa the delegates will have a chance to view the Wingayongo uplifted bituminous sandstones outcrop of Early Cretaceous,   Natural Gas receiving plant & Pipeline Maintenance Centre at Somanga Fungu, Turonian claystone (Helvetica Zone) at Sinza Village, the Santonian Claystone at Matandu River, Early Paleogene (Paleocene limestone/claystone) at Nangurukuru quarry and spend a night at  Kimbilio Lodge .

Kinyerezi Natural Gas receiving & distribution facilities    

Somanga Fungu Natural Gas Receiving & Pipeline maintenance Centre

Day 2:  12 June 2017


On day-2 the delegates will proceed to Kilwa Kisiwani by boat to view Kilwa ruins and Historical sites of 11th – 15th Century. They will have the opportunity to see the Great Mosque, Sultans Makutani Palace, Portuguese Prison and Sultans Graveyards. Then the delegates will depart to Mtwara and along the road they will have an opportunity to observe the Albian Belemnites and Ammonites at Mavuji River, uppermost Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) sediments at Ukuri River, the Mid Jurassic Oolitic limestones near Hotel Tatu village and the well preserved fossiliferous plants and leaves of Cretaceous age at Kitomanga quarry and finally spend a night at Naf Lodge / Tiffany Diamond Hotel in Mtwara.

One of the Great Historical Mosque                   

Portuguese Prison built in the 15th century  

Sultan’s Grave yard                      

Fossiliferous leaves at Kitomanga quarry

Day 3: 13 June 2017


The delegates will proceed to Mnazi Bay gas fields where they will have an opportunity to view some of the well heads and Christmas tree at Mnazi bay, Maurel & Prom Natural Gas Processing Plant and transportation facilities. On the way back, they will visit TPDC Natural Gas Processing Plant at Madimba village. Finally they will have a visit to Dangote Cement Industries (the largest East Africa cement industry) and one of the expected Natural gas customer. Then back to spend a night at Mtwara.

Madimba TPDC Natural Gas Processing Plant

Day 4: 14 June 2017


The delegates will depart Mtwara to Dar es Salaam and on the way they will observe several exposed out crops including the; Eocene/Oligocene Nummulitic Limestones at Lake Kitere, Mid – Upper Miocene Geo-breccia rocks and Ripple marks (sedimentary structure) at Ras Tipuli, the Miocene fossiliferous claystone at Mbanja Quarry, the Larger Lepidocyclinids of Miocene age at Mchinga Hill, the Ammonites, Bivalves and Belemnites fossils of Turonian age at Mbwemkuru River and proceed to Dar es Salaam.

Larger Lepidocyclinids at Mchinga at Mchinga village                                                                                                                                               Geo-breccia outcrop at Ras Tipuli

Ripple marks at Ras Tipuli

Fee: US$ 770

Contact person:

Dr. Amina Karega Mweneinda
Acting Exploration Manager
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile: +255 685 706086