Tanzania Northern Circuit - Post Conference Excursion

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A four days (11th - 14th June 2017) Post-Conference field excursion to Tanzanian’s Northern comprising parks and game reserves is planned.  Participants will have opportunity to view wildlife and spectacular landscape transformed by the geology of the eastern arm of the Gregory Rift and the vast plains of the Serengeti, the best known wildlife Sanctuary in the World.

Delegates will also visit Oldupai Museum and Gorge. Dr. Lucy Leakey (1959) has worked out the ages of different layers and fossils with chemical tests and described all the bones and stones found in each layer. The bones and tools left by Oldupai inhabitants were buried in the layers and become fossils.  Oldupai Gorge is now found archeological Site because it contains the bones of the early man namely:

  1. Australopithecus boisei - the nutcracker man of Zinj was build with large and heavy body with strong jaws, big teeth and small brain; 500 cc (1.7 my)
  2. Homo habilis - the handy man; was small hominid with brain capacity of 600 cc (1.1 my)
  3. Homo erectus -the stone tool man with brain capacity of 900 cc; 400,000 yrs; Pleistocene.
  4. Homo-sapiens - modern man with brain capacity of 1400 cc; made variety of tools and because of this uniqueness and important values UNESCO recognizes Ngorongoro conservation area where Oldupai and Laitoli was found  in1979 and given a status of World Heritage Site and an Important Biosphere; Holocene-10,000 years.
  5. Australopithecus afarensis: brain 450cc, 3.75 -5 my.
  6. Laitoli Site: Footprints of hominids and animals were found in this area and Dr. Lucy Leakey preserves them. Documentation of the archeologists, Paleoanthropologists, geologists and Scientists who worked in this area are available at the Oldupai Museum.

Northern Circuit Geo-Tourism Route Map


Day 1: 11 June 2017

Delegates will take flight from Bujumbura International Airport to Dar es Salaam-Arusha and start a trip to Oldonyo Lengai and will have lunch at Shimo la Mungu then proceed to Loliondo, traversing massive orange sandstones overlaying a thick brecciated lava, and overlain by widespread lake beds.  Dinner and overnight will be in the Domel Loliondo Hotel.
Stop-1: Delegates will view Lake beds which are wide spread and of buff to grey color;
Oolitic limestone formed under restricted lacustrine environments (see figure below)

Oolitic limestone exposed near Mto wa Mbu
Stop-2:   Delegates will view the transformed eastern arm of the Gregory rift at Mto wa Mbu Village and proceed to Oldonyo Lengai via Shimo la Mungu.         

 Shimo la Mungu

Oldonyo Lengai Mountain

Stop-3:  Delegates will view stratigraphic succession at Shimo la Mungu area (structure like a collapsed vent; see figure below). Delegates will have lunch at this stop.



Day 2: 12 June 2017

Game drives to the Serengeti plains and view wildlife in an endless setting of the Savannah; overnight at the Seronera wildlife Lodge.  Serengeti offers arguably the most scintillating game-viewing in Africa: great herds of Buffalo, smaller groups of Elephant and Giraffe, and thousands upon thousands of eland, Topi, Kongoni, Impala and Grant’s gazelle.

Day 3: 13 June 2017

The delegates will proceed to Oldupai Gorge through the Serengeti.  Participants will view wildlife along the way, and will visit the Museum at Oldupai, the shifting sand and later travel to Ngorongoro Crater.  Have lunch in the Ngorongoro Crater Picnic Site and later conduct game drive in the crater. Spend a night in one of the hotels in Ngorongoro.

Stop-1: Oldupai Museum; Delegates will have an opportunity to see Dr. Lucy Leakey’s discoveries of a skull of the first man in 1959; Zynjothropus and documented work present including tools used and foot prints of Homo habilis.
 Stop-2: Delegates will visit a site where Zynjothropus skull was found.
Location of bed where the first man skull was found (Zynjothropus) at Oldupai Gorge.

The shifting sand at Oldupai
Stop-3: Delegates will visit the shifting sands with ripple marks and accumulated in a hip-like at the rate of 17m per year in Ngorongoro area.
Stop-4: Game drive and viewing variety of wildlife at Ngorongoro Crater

Herd of Zebra in Ngorongoro crater

Day 4:  14 June 2017

The delegates will be returned back to Arusha via Lake Manyara National Park where they will enjoy scenery along the way including a spectacular view of Lake Manyara and Flamingo.
Lake Manyara

Fee:  US$ 1650

Contact person:

Dr. Amina Karega Mweneinda
Acting Exploration Manager
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile: +255 685 706086