Rwanda Lake Kivu - Post Conference Excursion

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This Post-Conference Field Excursion is a two day trip to the Western region of the country where the participants will pay a visit to the 25 MW Methane Gas to Power Plant in Lake Kivu.

Thereafter, the delegates will continue to the South-West of the country to observe the geology of Bugarama marshland and visit the Bugarama geothermal hot springs, which is an indication of higher geothermal gradient in the subsurface.

Day 1: 11 June 2017

Delegates will depart Kigali heading to Karongi to visit the methane Gas to Power project which is now generating 26MW of Electricity and supplied to the National Grid. They will also visit the Petroleum Exploration Site and will be able to see some geology. From there, after lunch at Karongi, delegates will be taken to Rusizi for their overnight stay, passing through Congo Nile Trail using the road which goes along Lake Kivu.

Kivuwatt barge for Methane gas Extraction

Day 2: 12 June 2017

Drive to Bugarama marshland where the delegates will observe some geological features of that marshland. On the same occasion, delegates will also visit the hot springs in that area; those hot springs are an indication of high geothermal gradient in the subsurface.

Hot springs in Bugarama half Graben

From there, delegates will travel back to Rusizi where they will have their lunch. After lunch, visitors will proceed to Nyungwe National Park to enjoy the Canopy Walkway of 40 meters above the ground level, and 90 meters long. They will also see different species of birds and some primates. Thereafter, the visitors will be driven back to Kigali.

Canopy bridge in Nyungwe National Park


Fee: US$ 600

This will cover transport, meals, accommodation and fees for Canopy Bridge Walk.

Contact Person:

Jean Pierre Nemeyimana
Petroleum Engineer
Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board
Phone No:+250783816334/+25072659855
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
P.O,Box433 Kigali-Rwanda
Kigali Pension Plazza